Washing Lamb

Washing Lamb is a lot easier & quicker the washing chicken. This is because there’s not much to remove. Of course if you like to remove all the fat then it will definitely take you longer. We prefer to leave most of the fat on as it adds flavour to the dish. We also avoid rinsing too much as this also washes away the flavour. Your lamb should have a hint of redness to it after you have washed it, it shouldn’t look completely white / greyish, if it does you have over washed it. Sometimes over washing can cause your meat to have a weird taste. You need to wash it enough to get rid of the smell but keep the flavour.

We like to buy a lamb leg & shoulder every so often, depending on how long it lasts us. We ask the butcher to cut it into small pieces & wash & weigh them out in packets of 500g & freeze. Most recipes require 1kg lamb, but usually for two 500g is enough & if the whole family is eating together then it is easier to add to this amount if your meat is packed into 500g packets.

We like to buy our HMC lamb from Kismat (Elgin St, Bolton) & Nisa Local (Derby St, Bolton).

You will need:

  • Lamb cut into pieces
  • bowl
  • colander
  • sieve
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • sink & running water
  • plastic freezer bags
  • scale (optional)
  • A tray


  1. Recite Bismillah.
  2. Clear the area around the sink from pots, pans, plants, dish rack etc.
  3. In a bowl, soak your lamb in cold water & a splash of vinegar & a dash of salt for 15 mins. This will get rid of any funny smells.
  4. To avoid washing it too much, simply rinse under the tap, removing any slimy bits & dangling fat. It should be very easy to remove. We only remove the loose fat & not the fat that is fully attached to the meat & would need a knife to remove. This is personal preference.
  5. Work your way through each piece, placing them in a colander.
  6. Once you have finished doing this with all the lamb pieces, drain the water out from the bowl over a sieve as this will prevent your sink from getting blocked.
  7. Allow to drain for a few mins & then pack into freezer bags according to preference.
  8. Place the packets of lamb on a tray & allow them to freeze. This will prevent the packets from sticking to one another. Once they have frozen remove them off the tray, fill in a bag or store as you wish in the freezer.
  9. We like to finish off with a good scrub, disinfect & wipe of the sink & all areas around the sink, followed by a cap of zo flora & hot water down the drain.
  10. Check out the video below to have a better understanding of our method. Hope it helps & remember us in your duas!