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Welcome to an insight into the lives of  zahandzeecreationz (aka Zahra & Zeba) where happiness is homemade! We are two sisters based in Bolton passionately baking delicious home baked goods where quality comes first. In our haven of indulgence, you will discover scrumptious cakes, cupcakes, desserts and all things sweet. Our site is a place to explore recipes, easy tips and tricks, decorating and lots more. Don’t forget to check out our food corner with scrummy recipes by our mum & sister Fazila!  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and Snapchat or drop us an email for any enquiries, updates, or just to say hello!


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40 thoughts on “About us

  1. Zeba Apa ur recipe for the coconut and jam cake was amazing jazakallah so much I Ave been looking for so long for a perfect recipe.
    May Allah put list of barakat in everything you do x

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  2. the oreo frosting recipe was amaaazing. your so talented mashallah it would be really good if you could post videos of you making it that would be really good. my daughter has been looking on youtube for so long and when I showed her your page she was relieved.
    so jzk so much for that XX .

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  3. Assalamualeykum, zeba apa my mum tried few of your recipes and really liked them. Mashallah your marination is so nice and easy and your chicken sticks was amazing it tasted a bit like popcorn chicken.
    All your recipes are easy to follow and there really helped throughout Ramadan. May allah reward you. Jazakallah

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  4. awwww so cute how all these girls leave positive feedback on your page may allah make them successful btw zeba just wanted to know if you are able to do any baking classes in the summer holiday cause I know a lot of people who want to learn

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  5. i made ur vanilla cuppies today n i must say one of the best cupcake recipe av come across…masha allah dey came out sooo spongy n tasted sooo nice…decorated with ur oreo frosting which made dem more devine…jzk

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  6. Love your page!! Tried so many things and alhamdulillah everything was delicious. Your page is my go to for desserts and food! Well done ladies! May Allah swt give you more and more success.. ameen xx

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  7. Salam lovely just wondering where u purchased those small charckboards that you made for the a girl baby shower as I wanted to know as they are useful for parties and occasions


      1. It may be that your butter is soft, so don’t add the milk. Or if your kitchen is too warm, put the Buttercream in the fridge for half an hour then give it a beat & then try x


    1. It’s already up. I can’t write the recipe in grams as the weight for each thing is different e.g. 5oz of butter won’t weigh the same as 50z sugar as they don’t weigh the same. We will have a conversions chart up soon InshaAllah x


  8. sallam hope you and your sister are well,,,how do you make fresh cream and what nozzle do you use?
    also your colours are so brght like your orange and green what wilton colours do you use

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    1. Www. We just whip up double cream with icing sugar. The nozzle we use is 1m star tip. 2D for the rose. We use sugarflair colours which can be bought off eBay x


      1. Party green or holly green… it’s not wilton. It’s sugarflair. Sometimes we mix colours to make colours


  9. Sallam when will you be doing cake classes cause you cakes are amazing Mashallah loads of people do cupcake classes but not many do cake classes.


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