White Chocolate Ganache



  • 4 oz white chocolate
  • 1/4 cup double cream


  1. Recite Bismillah
  2. Place water in a saucepan to boil.
  3. In a large bowl that will fit on top of the saucepan & not sink in,break the chocolate into chunks.
  4. Lower the heat completely & place bowl over the saucepan. Let the chocolate melt, stirring occasionally.
  5. Once the chocolate has melted, pour cream into a separate saucepan & bring to a simmer.
  6. Add cream to the melted chocolate & combine using a whisk.
  7. Cool slightly before using.
  8. Pour into a piping bag, cut a small hole and drip along the sides. You could even pour over the entire cake for a rich chocolate taste or use it as a filling in between layers. Yum!!


  • When using large quantities of chocolate we prefer melting the chocolate over water then adding it to cream when it comes to a boil 
  • Do not use the ganache straight away to drip, let it cool a little for a more precise drip.
  • Test it out on the side of the bowl to see if it is the desired consistency.
  • If you want to colour your chocolate when boiling the cream add the colouring to the cream not to the chocolate alone as it may seize.
  • When using chocolate & colouring NEVER use liquid colouring as this will seize the chocolate, use either powder or gel. We prefer gel when it comes to ganache!
  • When adding colouring to just chocolate, gel may  also seize the chocolate. It is best to buy special chocolate colours.

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